Application Kaloo products


With Kaloo perfumes, you have several products in one: perfume, room fragrance, cuddly toy, decoration, toys and a sweet gift

As Kaloo Scented Water

Specially developed for baby infants, Kaloo fragrances are alcohol-free, clinically tested and therefore baby safe. The ingredients are chosen so that you not only smell good but also have a positive effect on your little one. The Kaloo scented water can be applied directly to the body. But you can also just spray the clothes with it, just as you like it.


As Kaloo Room Fragrance


The scented water of Kaloo offers some benefits, one of which is certainly that all fragrances are wonderfully suited as a room scent. The ingredients are tuned and can have a positive effect on the development of your child. Of course, it can also help to soften the sometimes unpleasant odours in the room of infants. As you go about your day, Kaloo fragrances can also be helpful against homesickness since the familiar odour calms your child. The fragrances of Kaloo are alcohol-free, clinically tested and all baby safe.

As a Kaloo Toy

Babies and toddlers always enjoy a little cute animal to play with, or if they are already several years older, a fragrance that they can spray themselves like mommy and daddy. Also, the Kaloo toys offer great fun as the kids play make-up or drama. Young girls will especially enjoy such activities.


As Kaloo Decoration


Whether its the scented water bottles with the sweet plush attachments or the stuffed animals; Kaloo perfume products are just cuddly eyecatchers! So you can also use them as wonderful decorations, for example in the nursery.

As a Kaloo Cuddly Toy

Don’t all babies and toddlers love to cuddle? Kaloo toys are cuddly fluffy and just lovely to cuddle! In the assortment of Kaloo Lilirose, Kaloo Blue, Kaloo Dragee, Kaloo Pop and Kaloo Les Amis, you will find various products with fluffy cuddly toys.


As a Kaloo Gift


An original gift that pleases and pleases! Our products are all nicely packed, some already as a gift box. With Kaloo perfume products, you give tension, fun and a fragrant and, depending on the specific article, cuddly experience.

We Love You All!