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Kaloo Baby / Child Perfumes and Room Scents

In the land of exquisite fragrances and home fragrances, we have developed a small family of perfumes without alcohol, and thus an absolutely safe perfume for the little ones. Kaloo perfumes are unique, clinically tested and absolutely baby safe.

Kaloo scented waters are designed to give the little boy and girl, from birth to about 6 years, a pleasant room fragrance or a first perfume that can be used safely.

The different collections are versatile and make a lot of fun. Each Kaloo perfume is a gift, a toy and a perfume at the same time. In many sets is a very cute stuffed animal, and this is meant to be cuddled and loved. It can even be used as a room diffuser in the nursery when it is sprayed with the scented water.


Just a Cute and a Great Gift

• For boys and girls
• From birth to about 6 years
• Beautiful gift wrap
• Versatile application
• Cute look
• Great for the child and the parents
• Room fragrance and perfume
• With a cute figure
• Sold along with a cuddly toy


As fresh and happy as spring awakens, our Kaloo Pop line presents itself as well.

The colourful rabbits and bears of Kaloo Pop scented water are cuddly and cute, and they fit in every nursery. They can be used as all our perfume water as a room fragrance, perfume and in addition, as a delightful eye-catcher or toy. The Kaloo Pop Fluffy sets contain a fluffy cuddly rabbit or cuddly bear in addition to the scented water and are in a child-friendly gift box. Also, it makes a great original Easter present!


With Kaloo perfumes, you have several products in one: perfume, room fragrance, cuddly toy, decoration, toys and a sweet gift

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Since the human sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system, even mild odours can cause both positive and negative emotions. Whether synthetic or natural, scents of essential oils, incense, scented candles or other sources affect our senses in a variety of ways. There are many studies on the effects of aromas. The scent molecules in lavender and vanilla have a relaxing effect, thyme can stimulate digestion and jasmine favours falling asleep. Babies feel smells much more intense than adults. Long before they even speak, infants are able to clearly identify the smell of the mother, which is ultimately their source of food. Room fragrances and perfumes for infants and toddlers, therefore, have to meet high criteria, because they must not create unpleasant feelings or possibly produce irritation. Nevertheless, the important task of improving indoor air must be maintained. The scented waters of Kaloo are alcohol-free, clinically tested and baby safe.